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Solutions for Clinical Trials

At SCollect we are specialized in delivering EDC and Data management services such as study setup, monitoring, patient engagement, etc.

The clinical studies’ services that we at SCollect are running, can be used to handle the data collection of any kind of clinical study: from tiny studies of a research group in a hospital to multisite international studies. Besides that SCollect has a unique Clinical Image viewer integrated inside the eCRF that allows clinicians to work more efficiently and avoid human errors.

Benefits and features for your Studies

Clinical Imaging

Our unique imaging system, allows to integrate a clinical image viewer inside our eCRF, allowing to keep the context at all time.


Customize the environment of SCollect for a more fluid and adapted user experience. This will allow you to introduce data in less time and to have a more customizable interface minimizing user errors when introducing data.

Audit Trail / Traceability

Monitor and trace each and every move done in SCollect, allowing you to have an in-depth control of your trials at all times. Control all values from each variable before and after they’re modified.


Control and supervise subject’s progress by monitoring all their activities, this will allow you to minimize errors and obtain accurate results.

Alerts and notifications

Receive real time notifications of any modification done in your study with the notification and alerts system of SCollect. Control every move of every user and group at all times.

Data import/export

Import and export your data with different objectives: analyze the results, create backups of your data or import them to other softwares.

Powerful query manager

With the powerful query manager you can create notes and raise queries to control the veracity of the data and to contrast the results for the good realization of the study.


SCollect has an optimized design and is compatible with the main web browsers, tablets and smartphones, no need to worry about the operative system of your device.

FDA/EMA/GDPR/GCP standards

Compliant with security data integrity regulations and standards ( FDA 21 CFR part 11, GDPR UE 2016/679, GCP E6, EMA EU GMP Annex 11 ).

Report generator

Generate reports of the trials you’re working on in seconds to know the status and evolution of it.


Visualize graphics, reports, and the status of your study at all times in an elegant and customizable dashboard.

Data validation

SCollect guarantees the quality of the data collected in your trial or study with the validation of a researcher.


You don’t need to install any software on your devices or to have a server, with SCollect you only need your internet browser.

Export study to PDF

Researchers and data managers can export the forms of each subject inside SCollect in PDF format ensuring the integrity of the data and the regulatory period of conservation marked inside the Good Clinical Practices.

Attach files

Attach files and share relevant information for your study.

Concurrency control

Management of your data that can be edited by two users at a time.

Customizable rules

Customize the rules of each study and trial in an agile way with the powerful system of rules customization.

Data mining

Explore all the data of your studies and generate statistics to get relevant information and results.


Generate listings quickly and easily, compatible with any spreadsheet software in the market.

Our Services

eCRF design & study setup
You give us the study protocol and don't worry about anything else, we set everything up.
Custom developments
Is there anything in your requirements that SCollect doesn't cover? We can develop any special requests from our customers.
Clinical data management
From eCRF design to Data Validation Plan we assist our customers in everything related to the study data management.
Advanced analysis
Our analytics system has some prebuilt metrics for a transversal control of the study.
With our support service we will give you fast and reliable support to respond, for instance, to protocol changes. 8x5 & 24x7
Real world analytics
We offer a personalised management of metrics to optimize monitoring; it reduces risk, optimizes revenues, optimizes outcomes and helps patients.


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